The Trump Recall is a 100% non-profit grassroot movement

And The Trump Recall is therefor relying purely on volounteer workers who help us organize demonstrations and doing important work for us by lobbying for the common goal of ultimately recalling Donald Trump from The White House.

We have initiated or participated in the following:

  • Protest rallies/demonstrations in Berlin (Germany), Stockholm (Sweden), Copenhagen (Denmark), Washington DC and New York
  • Campus Debates in Stockholm (Sweden) and Washington DC
  • Meetings with members of congress


This in unfortunately not free of charge, and we need your help!. – We are not a part of the established political circus, and we recieve no funding from either political parties, organisations, super-pacs or companies, so we rely purely on private people like you to make it happen.

Help us by donating any amout you can spare

 Donate $10 for the Trump Recall Donate $25 for the Trump Recall Donate $50 for the Trump Recall Donate $100 for the Trump Recall Donate any amount for the Trump Recall

And if you are unable to spare anything that is also quite alright. You can help out by spreading the word to friends, family, co-workers. Please use the share links in the bottom of this page.

Donations recieved (updated on 1st May): $ 1803

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Please also considder becoming a member of our organisation.

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