The Trump Recall is a non-profit grassroot movement with the ultimate goal of having Donald Trump recalled from office. We need your help to make this a reality!

We are not affiliated with or recieve funding from any political party, organisation, super-pacs or companies. – We only survive on private people donating time and money to keep this movement going.

The movement was initiated by four friends, and now count more than 3000 members. You can become a member by signing up for membership in the bottom of this page.

Membership of our movement is completely free of charge, and will ensure that you are first to know when we have an event in your area. – Later on we will also be selling DUMP TRUMP merchandise, and members will of course be getting a membership discount.


Trump Recall Demonstration

You can make a donation here!    |    Sign the petition to recall Donald Trump!

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Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have suggestions, comments or questions. – We do our best to reply to all emails within 24 hours.

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